Speaker Profile

Amy Woods

Content 10x

Amy Woods is an expert in content repurposing and the founder of Content 10x, where she helps online content creators grow their audience by maximizing their return on every piece of content that they create.

Content 10x provide content repurposing services to podcasters, video content creators and bloggers; and many of their clients run successful membership businesses which Amy and the team play integral roles.

Amy is also the host of The Content 10x Podcast, where she teaches all that you need to know about repurposing your content!

Amy lives in Manchester, England and before setting up as an entrepreneur she spent 13 years as a management consultant, working on post-M&A restructuring for Fortune 500 companies.

Amy Woods's Session at Retain:

How Content Repurposing Can Help You Market, Develop & Grow Your Membership

Content repurposing can help you squeeze every drop of value from your courses, tutorials, blogs, videos and podcasts.

In this session Amy Woods will show you what content repurposing is and why every membership site owner should be doing it, with practical examples of how you can repurpose your free content into membership content and vice versa.

Plus you’ll also discover smart ways to market your membership by leveraging existing content in unique and creative ways.