Keynote Speaker

Chris Ducker

Youpreneur Academy

Chris Ducker is a serial entrepreneur, founder of the ‘Youpreneur Academy’ and author of the bestseller, “Virtual Freedom”, and more recently, “Rise of the Youpreneur”.

Based in Cambridge, England, he owns and operates several businesses, that combined house over 400 full-time employees internationally.

He’s also a trusted international business mentor, keynote speaker, podcaster, blogger, as well as the founder of – the leading personal brand business education company in the world.

Chris hosts the annual Youpreneur Summit, which is held in London, U.K. each November and is the self-proclaimed ‘Proudest Brit’ doing business online!

Closing Keynote

Building a Scalable Ecosystem around your Membership

So your membership is ticking along nicely, you’re bringing in new members at a steady rate (and they’re sticking around too), you’ve got your systems and processes nailed and everything is running like clockwork.

What next?

One of the most effective paths you can take for growing and scaling your membership business is to create an ‘ecosystem’ of products and services with your membership smack-bang at the heart of everything.

In our closing keynote, Chris Ducker shares insights into how he built the ‘Youpreneur Ecosystem’ around his membership community, and how focusing on your personal brand can take it to an entirely different level.