Speaker Profile

Diana Tower


Diana advises top online entrepreneurs like New York Times bestselling author Ramit Sethi and Public Relations Specialist Selena Soo on how to manage and grow an engaged online community to create members for life.

She’s written 2 ultimate guides on building and engaging online communities, has been featured on top media publications including Forbes & GrowthLab, and has been interviewed on the ActiveCampaign and SuperFastBusiness Podcast.

Diana Tower's Session at Retain:

How to Handle ANY Difficult Situation or Problem Member in Your Community

Every successful membership owner understands the importance of their community.

However negative situations or “problematic” members can quickly put a harmonious community into a downward spiral.

In this session, you’ll learn how to stomp these issues out in half the time, and discover the 2 key things you need in place BEFORE something happens; helping you to avoid drama, resolve issues in less time, and spin any “public” issues into positive experiences that strengthen your community as you scale.