Speaker Profile

Janet Murray

Love Marketing

Over the past five years, Janet Murray has built a successful blog, podcast, email list and a large social media following.

She has also been featured in dozens of national newspapers and magazines, and on radio and TV (and written a book to help you do the same) and spoken at high-profile events – both in the UK and abroad. This helped Janet build a six-figure business with multiple streams of income.

Janet learned that marketing isn’t an activity that you ‘do’ when you have a bit of spare time – it’s HOW you make money – which is why you need to do it every single day.

Now Janet uses her experience to help small business owners like you get better at marketing so you can make money.

Janet Murray's Session at Retain:

Breaking Through The Audience Growth Plateau

Are you starting to get diminishing returns on the marketing activities you’ve always relied on to grow your audience?

Does it feel like you’re having to work even harder than before to get your message out there, grow your social following or build your email list?

In this session Janet Murray will share strategies and practical tactics for busting through the plateau and getting your audience building efforts back on track.