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Scott Devine

Scott's Bass Lessons

After illness forced him to end his career as a musician, Scott Devine turned to the internet.

With zero experience of online business, he started publishing free YouTube videos teaching bass guitar, which he shared on a simple blog alongside a PayPal donation button.

It wasn’t long before those donations starting hitting the 4-figure mark every month. Scott knew that he was onto something, and in 2013 started his own membership.

6 years on and Scott’s Bass Lessons is the largest and fastest growing bass guitar membership in the world, with 25,000+ members and annual revenues in the millions.

Scott and SBL are truly pushing the boundaries of bass education, and show no signs of slowing down!

Scott Devine's Session at Retain:

Fireside Chat: Beyond Membership Growth

In this frank and informal session, Mike will be chatting with Scott Devine and Jared Falk – founders of two of the world’s most successful music memberships – about how they’ve achieved sustainable growth, and the ways in which they’ve scaled their businesses beyond simply increasing their member base.

Some of the topics that Mike, Scott and Jared will be discussing include:

  • Specific strategies and tactics that have played a big part in growing their 7-figure memberships
  • The challenges of supporting tens of thousands of members, building a team and working with guest experts
  • Additional revenue streams Scott and Jared have brought into the mix – how does it all fit together, what worked and what didn’t
  • The biggest mistakes made, what they’d do differently, and what’s next

PLUS attendees will also have the opportunity to ask their own questions too.